Fright-fall is a October Drawing Challenge run by RetroSupply Co. RetroSupply supply a list of 31 daily Halloween themed prompts which are to be completed and posted on social media by artists.

frightfall 1 skulls.jpg
frightfall 2 ghost.jpg
frightfall 3 haunted house.jpg
frightfall 4 devil.jpg
frightfall 15 spell.png
frightfall 4 ben cooper costumes.jpg
frightfall 8 werewolf.jpg
frightfall 13 bad luck.jpg
frightfall 16 death.jpg
frightfall 14 chainsaw.jpg
frightfall 12 poison.jpg
frightfall 11 zombie.jpg
frightfall horror movie.jpg
frightfall 30 owl.jpg
frightfall 27 witch.jpg
frightfall 26 frankenstein.jpg
frightfall 25 graveyard.jpg
frightfall 28 pumpkin.jpg